Heidecksburg Castle, Rudolstadt

The Princely House  von Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt and the family of Friedrich Froebel were closely intertwined for centuries.

Friedrich Froebel’s grandfather, Johannes, was the fuerstlicher Foerster (forester to the Prince).

Friedrich’s father, Rev. Johann Jakob Froebel, was the pastor of the largest village church in the principality and had overseen its construction in the Late Baroque style. The earlier church had been burned in the Thirty Year’s War, while the new church (still standing today) boasts the largest pulpit in Europe (holding 13 men in clear Biblical reference).

Friedrich himself was visited in Yverdon, Switzerland by the heir apparent to the princely throne, Prince Friedrich Guenther, upon the express wish of his mother, the Princess Regent, Karoline von Hessen-Homburg, who insisted her son write to her with a detailed account of all news concerning Friedrich.

This Princess of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt granted a large sum of money for Froebel’s educational endeavors, never asking for repayment.
The Froebel family, originating in Franconia (Franken), moved into the Principality in the 15th century when it inherited/acquired large agricultural estates in Gross Hettstedt and vicinity.

The relative closeness of the two families may have predated the Froebels’ entrance to the principality, dating from their earlier residence in Franken.

Friedrich’s half brother, Carl (Carolus) Poppo Froebel, later became the Printer to the Princely House and a respected author in his own right.

Here a photo taken by the author of part of the Sleigh collection of the Prince of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt in the Heidecksburg Castle, the princely residence in Rudolstadt, Thuringia, Germany.