Chancellor Merkel


Upon receiving of copy of The First Kindergarten and correspondence regarding the Froebel Decade.

English translation:

Federal Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel has asked me to thank you heartily for your friendly correspondence of February 10, 2014 as well as for your book, The First Kindergarten.

With great interest we followed you in your book along the trail of the first kindergarten in Thuringia in the year 1837.

As (lamentably) often in life, one is aware of the invention, but not necessarily of the inventor. Hence, the Province of Thuringia and the City of Bad Blankenburg with the Froebel Decade are making an important contribution to appropriately and worthily maintain the memory of your ancestor, Friedrich Wilhelm August Froebel.

The Federal Chancellor was very pleased with your token of solidarity. She would like to take the opportunity of this correspondence to wish you all the best for the future.

With friendly regards,

Thomas Ruecker

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Author of "The First Kindergarten" and other books about Friedrich Froebel.