Froebel’s Death Bed

His last sentence was, “My last words I take with me to the grave, as the World is not ready to receive them.”

Froebel’s death was so peaceful that his family and friends were not sure he had passed as all was so calm and his face full of tranquility.




This is the bed in which Froebel died n 1852, while residing at the Marienthal Hunting Lodge (Jagdschloesschen) of the Duke of Saxe Meiningen.

Through intercession of his mother,  born a von Hohenlohe princess, and Baroness Bertha Marie von Marenholtz-Buelow,  Duke Bernhard von Sachsen (Saxe)-Meiningen allowed Froebel to reside there and train the first women who would become certified Kindergarten Teachers.

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