Author to Present at Ravena Coeymans Historical Society

The Story of Kindergarten involves Coeymans, New York also. It was there, in the town also genealogically linked to the author via the Coeymans and Ten Eyck families, that Mary McConnell Blaisdell corresponded with Susan Blow, American educator. Susan had started the first Kindergarten in a public school in Carondolet, Missouri. Researcher, Linda Bruno, found correspondence not only between Blaisdell and Blow, but also between Blaisdell and Denton Jacques Snider, whose 1900 work, THE LIFE OF FREDERICK FROEBEL: Founder of the Kindergarten, J ( Johannes) Froebel-Parker edited and republished with commentary and illustrations  in honor of the FROEBEL DECADE (2013-2022).

The Ravena Coeymans Historical Society has invited the author to speak on 14 September 2014 at 2 o’clock at the museum. Directions can be found at: Society

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Author of "The First Kindergarten" and other books about Friedrich Froebel.