Baroness Cox

With my very best wishes for peace and joy this Christmas and throughout the year to come.

Caroline Cox, Founder of Humanitarian And Relief Trust UK


Robert is an artist from Armenia. His work has been exhibited at the Shushi Art Museum, a new gallery in Nagorno-Karabakh.

This beautiful gallery represents the efforts by the people of Karabakh to create cultural institutions, celebrate art and encourage tourism, despite the challenges of living in a post-conflict, unrecognized land, with Azerbaijan constantly threatening another war.

Jo Ann Wheeler Burbank

An original drawing of Oberweissbach created by Jo Ann Wheeler Burbank (1905-2000) for the story of Friedrich Froebel and the first kindergarten.

An artist in the Froebel Gallery, Jo Ann had been a teacher in the Modern School in Stelton, New Jersey (organized 1911), that was based on the philosophy of Spanish educator Francisco Ferrer and Friedrich Froebel.

Her paintings are in many collections in Norway, France and the USA, including the author’s. Jo Ann’s correspondence and memoirs are at Rutgers University, Womens’ History Sources.

Intergenerational Activity

On 19 December 2014, World War II nurse and veteran, Miss Stella Wetterhahn from Albany, NY, was presented an album of 51 holiday cards, well wishes, and expressions of gratitude for service to her country created by Middle and High School students in the Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk School District.

StellaWithStars1The get together was held at Crisan’s Bakery and Edible Art Cafe’ on Lark Street in Albany’s Center Square neighborhood.

Stars Intergen(erational), Inc, is a non profit in the NYS Capital District region dedicated to intergenerational activities and events including schools, volunteers, and seniors.

The author is an volunteer and officer of the organization.

Froebel, Susan Blow, Mary McConnell Blaisdell and Denton Snider


The author and historical researcher, Mrs Linda Bruno, presented their findings on September 14, 2014 to the Ravena Coeymans Historical Society in Ravena, New York-USA concerning local 19th century doyenne, Mary Blaisdell, nee McConnell, her long correspondence with American educatress, Susan Blow and Froebel biographer, Denton Snider.

This work was incorporated in the recent publication of an annotated, illustrated and expanded THE LIFE OF FREDERICK FROEBEL: the Founder of Kindergarten, written 1900 by Denton Snider and republished by the J (Johannes) Froebel-Parker.